The Ebonistas are back and tackling society’s obsession with dismantling black women. Even other black women ahem Mo’Nique…

The video that started it all! Ms. Mo’Nique sounding off!

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Speak on it! A great quick read about the policing of black female bodies.

Historically speaking, Black women have been consistently demeaned, humiliated, and misrepresented in film and especially media platforms, as unattractive and hypersexual. When it comes to body image, Black women are rarely afforded the opportunity to be our authentic selves, as beauty standards are inherently cloaked in whiteness. 

– Amanda Miller –

Sources: TED : This photo taken at the Fellows Closing Dinner of TED2015 gives me incredible joy — six Black women who are masters in different fields loving each other. In the aftermath of the domestic terrorism perpetrated at Charleston’s Mother Emanuel, it also leads me to a moment for reflection. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED

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